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→‎FineReader scan: nova secção
(→‎FineReader scan: nova secção)
== OCR ==
Hi Elder. It's a difficult task, I can try with my Adobe FineReader. I can't promise a fast work.... but I'll try. I'll post results into Galeria. --[[Usuário:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] 23h37min de 17 de Março de 2010 (UTC)
== FineReader scan ==
I uploaded scans of pages 1-100 of your Galeria; take a look. I have the scans of all pages, and I can upload them as soos as you will give me your OK.
Can you help me to obtain the bot flag for my bot, [[Usuário:Alebot]]? It's no flagged so far, but I see that now it is a needed step.... and I'm a little confused about right procedure to obtain the bot flag for it. --[[Usuário:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] 06h05min de 19 de Março de 2010 (UTC)
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