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::: Our template pt (from Page and Text) accepts two parameters, the first being shown into Page: namespace, the second being shown into ns0. It can be used in any case where a different text has to be differently rendered into the two namespaces... we use it very often, not only for broken words! This is why I simply used a noinclude tag into the following page! Do you think that I can add our template to pt.source, as an alternative to existing one? --[[Usuário:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] 22h51min de 1 de Junho de 2010 (UTC)
:::: Ok.... I fixed [[Predefinição:Começo de palavra hifenizada]], there was a mistake into the code, introduced with last edits of it. :-) Now its behavior is the one I presumed, even if is not as general as our beloved pt. --[[Usuário:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] 22h59min de 1 de Junho de 2010 (UTC)
== About Template:Pt ==
I posted my template [[Predefinição:Pt]], but I'm worried since "Links here" lists pages where a similar code is used with another meaning. Can you take a look please? In case of conflicts, the template has to be fastly renamed, and the redirect has to be deleted! Thanks. --[[Usuário:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] 07h37min de 3 de Junho de 2010 (UTC)
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