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Hi. My apologies, I'd not had no time to work properly at wikisource lately. Please feel free to import any template you want/need (even in English or with a rough translation); we can always change/harmonizing it later using bots. Any help here is welcome, so be bold and don't worry about making mistakes. I hope you won't get frustrated with the Portuguese orthography: they change a bit the way to write some words in the last century, but still I think is good way of learning. [[User:Giro720|Giro720]] <sup>[[User talk:Giro720|msg]]</sup> 08h20min de 15 de agosto de 2018 (UTC)
:{{ping|Giro720}} Thanks for the reply! I think for now I will continue using the templates you currently have. Perhaps in the future I will be more bold! For now I am enjoying learning the language, but it is difficult only because so many people here (in Portugal) speak English and I don't get much practice trying to speak Portuguese! :) Have a great day! [[Utilizador:Londonjackbooks|Londonjackbooks]] ([[Utilizador Discussão:Londonjackbooks|discussão]]) 08h52min de 15 de agosto de 2018 (UTC)
==Poem tag==
Tudo bem ? Só modifiquei por um padrão do wikisource.pt e para minimizar código. Prefere usar o br ao invés do poem ? [[Utilizador:Ozymandias|Ozymandias]] ([[Utilizador Discussão:Ozymandias|discussão]]) 19h42min de 30 de março de 2020 (UTC)