Thanks for welcome :-) Editar

Thanks for your welcome.

As you can see from my contributions, I'm a very bold newbie: I'm VERY interested into the original books of Duarte of Portugal, mainly into Bem cavalgar and I simply hope that one ore more users here will found them interesting. I don't know how much Duarte's language differs from modern one... simply because I can't speak modern portuguese (yes I'm am a strange pt.s user :-) ) --Alex brollo 22h03min de 30 de Agosto de 2008 (UTC)

Ciao! Ti do il benvenuto su Wikisource ;-) Se hai domande, dubbi o curiosità non esitare a chiedere a me. Buon lavoro Sir Lestaty discuţie 02h39min de 31 de Agosto de 2008 (UTC)