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Thanks for welcome Editar

I apologize for English.

It could be strange that an Italian, who can't speak at all Portuguese, is registered here as a user... nevertheless, there is a sound reason.

I'm engaged into entering equitation books into wikisource; I worked first into en.source, then into it.source; recently I discovered withe the help of a friend Bem Cavalgar in its original, transcripted version, and I uploaded it into Commons, and here as a proofread project. Obviously I had no hope to work effectively about it but... I got a mail by Cecilia, a Brasilian woman living in Italy, and... Brasil = Portoguese... I tried to invite her here and she accepted! Now she is Usuário:Caciliajordao, and we just beagn to work together about Galeria:Bem cavalgar.djvu. A strange pair... I know something about wikisource, but can't speak portoguese; she is absolutely new about wiki in general and wikisource in particular, and can't speak English...

Bem cavalgar is far from a simple work. It's ancient portuguese (1400), with many medioeval writing conventions: but is really an important book, probably the only document about medioeval horsemanship. I read it into an English translation, it is deep and moving. Dom Duarte was a great man. I just saw, Cecilia needs help (both about transcription conventions and in general about the need of going on "fielmente" ;-) - so I ask you, or any other expert, to help her; I'll do my best, but I understand that some more help is needed!. --Alex brollo 18h14min de 1 de Novembro de 2008 (UTC)